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What we Do


Our goal is to help you transform unproductive lawn space into something beneficial to your home or business, while supporting native wildlife at the same time!

We offer natural solutions for everyday problems. Want to eat nutritious homegrown food? Keep mosquitos away from your porch? Make your flowerbed maintenance free? We can help! And at the same time, our solutions help pollinators and the health of your soil.

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MO Native wildflower seed mix

With over 30 kinds of native wildflower seeds, this diverse mix can grow into a beautiful wildflower bed in almost any growing conditions, and there's nothing better at attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.


To Use: spread entire contents of packet over an area up to 5 sq ft and gently press into the soil so the seeds have full contact with the ground (but do not bury). Gently water. That's it!

Plant Care: water once ground becomes completely dry. Some flower seeds will start growing within days, others require exposure to cold temperatures for 60+ days before they will sprout, meaning the best way to ensure they grow is to plant them outside in the Fall and then just wait for Spring! 

Free sample Packets:


Save the monarchs Milkweed seeds

The Monarch Butterfly has been placed on the endangered species list, largely because of loss of habitat for its ONLY host plant, milkweeds. By planting milkweed seeds, you can help save future generations of Monarchs!

To Use:  gently press into the soil so the seeds have full contact with the ground (but do not bury) and lightly water. Milkweeds germinate much better if they have been exposed to cold temperatures for 60+ days beforehand, so the best time to spread seeds is in the fall for growth to start next spring. 

Plant Care: gently water once ground becomes completely dry,  or let spring rains take care of that! Once Common Milkweed has established itself no other care is needed, but it will start to multiply through rhizomes so only plant it in an area where it is ok for it to spread several feet from the original planting spot.

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